Skived PTFE is commonly used in aviation cable applications for its excellent insulation properties, high temperature resistance, and resistance to chemicals. It helps protect cables from harsh environmental conditions and ensures reliable performance in aviation systems.

Main applications
Skived PTFE finds its main application in industries where a thin, flexible, and chemically resistant material is required. Common uses include gaskets, seals, and insulators in diverse fields such as aerospace, automotive, and chemical processing.

● Non-Stick Properties: Resistant to sticking.
● Chemical Resistance: Excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals.
● Temperature Stability: Maintains integrity at both high and low temperatures.
● Low Friction: Exhibits low friction, making it suitable for applications where smooth movement is essential.
● Electrical Insulation: Strong electrical insulator.
● Flexibility: Maintains flexibility even at low temperatures.
● Weather Resistance: Withstands exposure to UV radiation and weather.

Skived PTFE new 1
Skived PTFE new 2