LD-PTFE film tape

LD-PTFE low-density PTFE film strip is a low-density expanded pure PTFE film strip designed for microwave coaxial cables, high-speed data cables, etc., with low dielectric constant, compression resistance, high flexibility, fast elastic recovery and high tensile strength. In addition to the well-known excellent electrical, thermal and chemical characteristics, LD-PTFE low-density PTFE film strip mainly improves the attenuation, rated loss, strength, thermal stability and dimensional accuracy of the material, making it more suitable for microwave high frequency, phase stability, low loss, RF cable, high-speed data communication and other high-performance cable applications.

Main applications
Aerospace, radar electronics, communication cable, military equipment, medical equipment, transportation, electrical instrumentation, auto parts


● Low dielectric constant (1.3-1.4)
● Adjustable heat shrinkage (5%-30%)
● Excellent dimensional consistency
● Low signal attenuation, high flexibility
● Abrasion resistance: under high load, it has excellent abrasion resistance.
● Corrosion resistance: PTFE is virtually immune to chemical corrosion
● Insulation properties: Applications with excellent insulation properties

Microscopy of ePTFE section
Roll of ePTFE film